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We go the extra mile. Here are some customer reviews that show we’re more than just a other moving company.

Mary & Keith H.

I wanted to write to you to let you know that our Pod finally got delivered to our new home in Florida this week. When we lifted up the lid, everything looked amazing - NOT ONE THING had shifted! Yay Alex! We hired a professional team to unpack the Pod for us on this end, and they were amazed. The movers commented that they had never seen a Pod packed so perfectly. They mused that either our Texas loader was an Engineer - or a Magician. I think, a bit of both - either way, a miracle worker in our mind.

Once Keith and I started unpacking everything, the positive experience continued. Not only was none of the furniture damaged (which is a miracle since it was mostly glass or mirrored), but there was not one thing broken in any box. Every piece of china and crystal survived the storage for several months and the entire road trip from Texas to Florida.

Gail G.

We hired Deborah Cooper and the Beautifully Moved crew to help us pack up while moving to a new home. We initially hired them for just 2 days but after seeing what a great job they were doing and how smoothly things went, we hired them for several additional days to help out. Before I knew it, they had packed up at least 80% of our entire home! I chose to work alongside the crew even though it was not really necessary. They entire crew was extremely professional, articulate, friendly and did an outstanding job. I felt like I was packing with a group of close friends!

Beautifully Moved did such an outstanding job packing up the home we chose to ask them to help us unpack as well. They were very instrumental in helping me organize while unpacking. My kitchen, closet, office and garage have never been so neat and organized!

We highly recommend Beautifully Moved for any home, office move or if you just want to de-clutter and get organized.

Shanna M. & Chris P.

Beautifully Moved gave us the best moving experience we’ve ever had–and, trust me, we’ve had a LOT. Of course, my husband had to go out of town, and of course, I was caring for a sick dog, because sometimes life is just like that.

We were both feeling stressed and crabby about, well, everything. And then Deborah came and the angels sang. On the first day of packing, Deborah and her crew showed up and I handed off the keys to both places and beat it to a hotel. The dog and I watched Netflix and ate room service chicken breasts. I gave her free rein to organize and arrange in the new space—although I could have told her exactly what I wanted, if I had known what that was--and three days later, we walked into a perfectly laid out, perfectly organized new home.

I used her organizational services, her art specialist, the whole nine yards. So worth it. She even supervised the internet and cable install, and hooked up all the electronics. I’m still discovering things that are now organized better than they ever were. Worth every penny. I can’t recommend highly enough.

Cheryl & Louis R.

Louis and I are, and will be, eternally grateful to you and your team. Moving, as you know, is one of the life change stressors, and you totally minimized that stressor for us. You are so caring and professional, and it shows in your team; all of your ladies are lovely. I am a private person, and to have shared our “packing” lives with you, was easy and seamless, as if we were all longtime friends. Thanks so much, and continued success to you.

Helen L.

What a pleasure it has been to know you and your amazing ladies. Your beautiful talents have been inspiring to me, my friends and my family during our really hard time of losing our precious Bill. Thank you for all your energy and super positive attitudes.

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