Is Now a Good Time to Move? Read Our Tips!

Good time to move? Call Beautifully Moved

It may seem that there’s never a good time to move. The whole process may be inconvenient or full of unexpected surprises or obstacles. But there are benefits to moving right now that can pave the way to a smooth start in 2021.

Good Time to Move and Save Money

If we focus on interest rates, which are at an all time low, there’s never been a better time to buy a new home. You may be buying your first home, upsizing to accommodate a growing family, downsizing, or looking to make a change to a new neighborhood. Whatever the case, current interest rates will save you a lot of money. 

Of course, individual circumstances vary in light of the pandemic, but the US economy has steadily improved into the start of 2021. That will only increase access to these low interest rates as the months go by.

Preparing for a Move

Regardless of your reasons for move, there are a number of considerations you should take into account to make it a great experience for everyone involved, especially YOU! Let’s face it…this can be a daunting chore. 

Once you have looked at countless homes, decide to sell your own, or decided not to renew a lease, then the harder work begins. You will have questions like, “What do I pack?”, “Who will pack?”, “How do I choose a moving company?”, and “Is there a service to help with unpacking and setting up my home?” Even if you’ve done this before, it’s never quite the same, and you need to assess your move carefully.

Here are some steps you can take early in the process to help make your relocation go smoother.  

Do not choose your mover strictly by who is the cheapest. 

The fees charged by a moving company can be all over the board, from $95/hour for a team of two to $240+/hour for a team of 5. Moving companies who charge more often pay their people more, which translates into a more experienced team. When it comes to moving, loading and setting up your furniture, experience and professionalism matter. Hire movers who you can trust from the beginning.

Declutter early – do not wait until it’s time to pack to declutter.

Do not waste time and money packing and moving things you no longer want, or have no use for. My tip is to pick a room each day to declutter. Recruit a family member or friend to help speed up the process. Set aside a few moving boxes, mark them “Donation” and start filling them with items that can be of use to others. Once the box is full, load it in the car and drop it off at your local donation site. The bottom line is that you don’t want to move them into your future home only to have to store them indefinitely.

Know yourself and the time you have. 

Consider using packers and/or unpackers. The unpacking process commonly takes homeowners months to complete. It can take so long that at some point you just start putting your valuables anyway wherever there is room. Hiring an unpacker/professional organizer can turn a months-long process and into a job that can be expertly handled in a matter of days. If you can only afford one service, seriously consider the benefit of having an unpacker and professional organizer . You will thank me later.  

Remember, residential moves can be complex, requiring planning and proactive action. By hiring a professional moving and unpacking company, you can remove most of the stress and tedious work from the equation, allowing you to enjoy your new home right away. If you have an upcoming move, call Beautifully Moved at (281) 948-3500.

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